Lund University

Printing at Lund University

Within Lund University there are two major printing systems: PaperCut and SecurePrint.

  • SecurePrint/Uniflow handles printing by employees that use LDC:s EGA-system. You will find the support for SecurePrint here: notice that the SecurePrint printers are currently transformed into PaperCut printers. You should be informed when this happens. If you fail with your printing and the printer menus look different than before, maybe you can be helped by following the PaperCut instructions on these pages.
  • PaperCut handles student printing for all students at Lund University. PaperCut also handles/will handle printing for employees that use IT-services from DDG, BMC, HT, Juridikum. You will find the support for PaperCut here:

Other printing systems

There are parts of the University that are not connected to these two systems. Contact your local IT-support for info.