Lund University

Prepay to the printing account

Prepay with your credit/debit card

Instead of connecting your card to PaperCut you can prepay to your printing account. This method often works with cards that do not allow a direct connection.

You can deposit up to 200 SEK each time.
Fill in the choosen amount below and then click the button.
You will be prompted to log in and will be sent to a "Nets"-page with your choosen amount (+ a fee of 1 SEK)

Buying vouchers

If your credit/debit card does not work with any of the methods you can instead buy vouchers that you can use to fill up your printing account.

Please notice

  • Money deposited to the printing account can not be transferred back to you bank account. You can however transfer credits to other students printing accounts, see info about the Portal.
  • You can check your account and your prints in the Portal.