Lund University

Buy and register a top-up prepaid card

STEP 1 - Buy a top-up prepaid card

If you don't have or want to connect a VISA or Mastercard to your printing account, you can buy a top-up prepaid card instead.

There are two types of top-up prepaid cards:

  • 95 SEK printing value (cost 100 SEK)
  • 10 SEK printing value (cost 20 SEK)

Please note!

  • Register your prepaid top-up card within 10 days after purchasing it.
  • We do not make any reimbursements from the printing account.

You can buy top-up prepaid cards here:

STEP 2 - Register your top-up prepaid card

Go to, click on the blue box and log in. Select Redeem Card. Type the code on your top-up card exactly as it is written on the card (including hyphen) and click Redeem Card.


You will now get a pop-up message stating that the amount on your top-up card has been transferred to your printing account. You can start printing and copying now. The card is expended and cannot be used again.