Lund University

Printing at Lund University

The majority of all printers are handled by the PaperCut system. 

  • Read more on the page PaperCut with sub pages.
  • If you have got problems with your printing, please see the FAQ page

Printing problems, starting 2021-09-15 (Updated 2021-10-29)

First: Everyone can print via mail and web print. See "How to print from a private or unmanaged computer".

A number of Microsoft security updates adressing serious security flaws in the printing systems have disrupted printing to a large degree.

Mac:s in the LUMac ( system should already have a new printer installed automatically. If not, check in Self Service.
For personally managed Mac:s you need to follow the new guide Mac printer installation.
If you prefer more control, have a look at Manual printer installation.

2021-10-29: We have more detailed instructions for lpr-printers (Method 2). They will give you access to all printer capabilities.

Advanced printing

If you want to print large format prints, large quantities, special paper or other advanced printing, please contact our print shops.

Other printing systems

There are parts of the University that are not connected to PapperCut. Contact your local IT-support for info.