Lund University

Connect a VISA/MASTER card to your printing account

STEP 1 - Log in to PaperCut and select Visa/Mastercard

In order to connect a bank card to your printing account you need to log in at and select Visa/Mastercard in the left hand menu.

STEP 2 - Select VISA or Mastercard

The page below opens in a new tab. Select VISA or MasterCard.

STEP 3 - Enter your card number

Enter your card details and click Save card information for later use

Step 4 - Authentication

Now you need to authenticate with either BankID, a bank card reader or your password (depending on your bank). When this is completed, you will be directed to the page below. There can be a delay from when you've completed this step to when you can print or copy. This can result in you receiving a message stating that you don't have enough money in your account. In that case wait a few minutes and then try copying/printing again.