Lund University

How to use a QR code

Many PaperCut printers carry a sticker with a number, a web address and a QR code. The code is in the form of a patterned square.

The QR code contains the web address that you can use to release your prints from that specific printer.

You can read the code with the help of a smartphone. The exact procedure varies between phone models. Today many phones can do it with the standard built in camera app.

  • First try to turn on your phones camera and focus on the QR-code. Depending on your model of phone there could pop up a window asking if you want to surf to the coded address or a symbol might turn up that you can tap on.
  • If nothing happens, maybe your camera app has not got this function built in. Then you should install a separate QR code app. 

In the QR-code below we have coded the address to the printing price list on these pages. Try it out!