Lund University

The printing account


  • As an employee you do not have to enter money into the system. Print jobs will automatically be accounted to your department/etc. If you have a double employment, the system will ask you were to register your prints, please read this page.
  • You need a LUCAT-account to be able to print. Contact your boss if this is the problem.


There are two different ways to pay for your prints. By card or by prepaid vouchers. You can mix the methods:

Connect a VISA/MASTER card

  • To register your card; Log in at the Portal, there you should select "Visa/Mastercard"and follow the instructions.
  • When you register your card, 1 kr will be charged. This money will be used the first time you print.
  • If you want to change your registered card, simply register the new card and it will replace the old.
  • If you can't get it to work (especially if you have got a foreign card), please see the FAQ page.

This is how we charge you when you print:

  • If there is money on the local account (i.e. if you have used prepaid cards), it will be charged immediately.
  • If the deficit reaches 50 kr, your card will be charged immediately.
  • If no prints have been made over a longer time period, the current debt will be charged from the card. As a result your card can be charged up to four months after your latest prints.
  • If there are no funds on the card, you will not be able to print any longer. If this has happened, you can easily get started again by either buy and register a prepaid card, or simply fill up your card account. But, if you have not done so within three days, your VISA/MASTERCARD will be deactivated and you will have to re-register it to get going again.
  • If there is any remaining debt when you leave the University we will send you a bill.
  • You can follow all your transactions in the log "Transaction History" in the Portal. Make sure to clear the filter if you cant see any transactions.

Prepaid cards

There are two different prepaid cards

  • Value 95 kr  (price 100 kr)
  • Value 10 kr (price 20 kr)

This is where you can buy them:

You should then register you prepaid cards here.